Chris Morphew and Tom French talk about their youth groups. It's short. It's punchy. It's about youth group.

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The Last Minute Talk Call Up and a Night Without Bible

Chris had to do a talk at the last minute when the original speaker got sick. Tom had angst over running a night without any Bible teaching.Send your questions to: chr...

Equipping Leaders, Scav Hunts, and Slideshow Karaoke

Tom ran another huge scavenger hunt. Chris played some slideshow karaoke.  Tom and Chris also reflect on how to equip leaders well.Send your questions to: chrisandtoms...

Ball Games and Toasties

Chris' youth group ran a super easy ball game and talked about prayer. Tom's crew made toasties and created a vibe crew.Tom's video can be seen here:

Hecklers and Those Quitting Youth Group Feelings

Chris watched someone else run his game. Tom took his youth group to an event with a long talk and a heckler.To find out more and sign up for the Ridley Children's and...

Christian T-Shirts, Nailed It, and Trying Out New Teaching Methods

Chris played nailed it. Tom reflects on teaching methods.Send your questions to: chrisandtomsyouthgrouppodcast@gmail.comFind more from Chris at

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